Biennale Europea d'Arte Fabbrile di Stia

World Championship Blacksmith Art

The theme of the 10° World Forging Championship for the XXIV Edition of the European Biennial of Blacksmith Art, designated by the Organizing Committee, in memory of the great poet Dante Alighieri, for the 700th anniversary of his death, is:

…e quindi uscimmo a riveder le stelle

(…and thence we came forth to see again the stars)

It is the last hendecasyllable with which Inferno closes, the first canticle of the Divine Comedy, the famous poem by Dante Alighieri.

The journey into Hell alternates between strong amorous and political passions, thirst for knowledge, raw images of devils and mythological figures. In the metaphorical journey towards the light, the verses of the Great Poet make us feel that we are a National Community, giving us a bit of hope: after “the hell of the pandemic” our desire to “be reborn” will lead us to “see the stars”.

World Forging Championship Regulations


Everything indicated in this regulation will take place in compliance with the anti Covid_19 regulations in force at the time of the 24th Edition of the European Biennial of Blacksmith Art and of the “WORLD FORGING CHAMPIONSHIP”.

The Championship is open to all artisans/artists who, at the time of their registration, will be in possession of the Green Pass, or of a negative result of a swab carried out in the previous 48 hours.

For those who need it, the possibility will be given to make a quick swab directly in Stia, upon reservation, at least 24 hours in advance, at a cost of € 20.00, at the International Information Point in Piazza Mazzini, in order to participate in the aforementioned Competition.

The participation fee is:

• € 20.00 per person for the “single” categories

• € 15.00 per person for the “teams” category

that will have to be paid at the time of registration at the organizational secretariat in Piazza Mazzini.

Registrations will be open from 9:00 on Thursday 02 September 2021 until 18:00 on Friday 03 September 2021 at the International Information Point in Piazza Mazzini.


The tests will take place in Piazza Mazzini starting on Thursday 02 September 2021 at 18.00 and ending on Saturday 04 September 2021 at 24.00.

This timetable can be modified at the discretion of the organizing committee.

The Association reserves the right to add new forging rounds based on the requests received.

The World Championship includes the following categories:

Each team must be made up of a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 4 members, in order to better manage the existing equipment and to comply with the anti Covid_19 regulations.

The time allowed for the realization of the work is 3 hours, after which the competitor/competitors must leave the station free for the following ones.

Only participants and any assistants delegated by the Association will be able to access the forging station.

Each competitor or team cannot enter the station at all until the staff appointed by the organizing committee have completed the mandatory sanitation operations at each shift change.

For the choice of the station each participant – single or team – must turn to only one of our staff who will indicate the free stations, without entering the work area until those in charge give the green light to access.

Each single participant and each team will be able to choose their iron among the various types and sizes made available by the organizing committee.

Each single participant will have a coal forge, an anvil and all the necessary tools at their disposal. The help of 1 assistant chosen by the competitor is allowed.

Each team will have two coal forges, two anvils and all the necessary tools at their disposal.

The use of personal equipment is allowed, except for welding machines and other types of machinery.

The use of an angle grinder with an abrasive disc or a wire brush is allowed only for cleaning/polishing purposes.

Each competitor can participate in the test only if equipped with their own personal protective equipment (PPE) – if they are aware of its correct use – relieving the Autonomous Association for the Biennial of Blacksmith Art, organizer of the event, of any resulting liability.

The theme of the test will be made known before the start of the event through its publication on the Biennale website,, and on its social media pages (Facebook and Instagram).

The test will be carried out in the presence of at least one member of the organizing committee or of a delegated person.

The finished works will be stamped and evaluated by a special jury. The works carried out during the World Championship will remain the property of the Autonomous Association of Blacksmith Art and may be sold in order to finance the event.

The jury will also evaluate the correct use of the coal forge (the use of water to avoid overheating, lowering the ventilation when the iron is not heating up, cleaning the slag) which is a fundamental part of the blacksmith’s work.

Another fundamental part of the blacksmith’s work is the design of the work that will be carried out – for this reason the jury will take into consideration the presentation of the design of the work (showing the author, year and title), even if done previously, which may be exhibited during the 3 hours of forging and delivered together with the work.

The works will be evaluated by a special jury composed of a minimum of three up to a maximum of seven national and international experts. A representative of the organizing committee and a notary will be present, without having the right to vote.

The winners will receive a medal and a work of artistic craftsmanship as a prize and will be able to boast – until the next edition of the World Championship to be held in Stia in the year 2023 – the unique and official title of WORLD FORGING CHAMPION 2021, for both single and team categories.

The second and third classified in each category will also be awarded a medal and works of artistic craftsmanship.

The names of the winners will be officially announced during the Award Ceremony to be held at 17.30 on Sunday 5 September 2021.

For those who, for important and justified reasons, cannot show up at the award ceremony, it is compulsory to communicate it promptly, before the award ceremony itself, to the Info Point where registrations are made.

In the event that a winner does not show up to collect the prize and has not given notice as described above, the prize will be awarded to the competitor immediately below them in the ranking.

The jury and the organizing committee reserve the right to make any changes to these regulations, in which case they will promptly inform the participants.

The judgment of the jury is always and in any case final.

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Registrations for the 10th World Forging Championship will be open from 9:00 on Thursday 02 September 2021 until 18:00 on Friday 03 September 2021 at the International Information Point in Piazza Mazzini.


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