Biennale Europea d'Arte Fabbrile di Stia

Awarded and classified


Best stand innovation section: Martino Stenico – Italy
Honorable mention: Giovanni Martini – Italy
Special award for best young exhibitor: Niko Giordani – Italy

Design and drawing competition

First place: Vasyl Gudima – Ukraine
Second place: Paul Dekker – Belgium
Third place: Roman Kost – Ukraine

International sculpture competition

First place: Roman Kost – Ukraine
Second place: Yiukio Kanari – Japan
Third place: Ambrose Burne – England

forging world championship

First place: Caprili Davide – Italy – Savignano sul Rubicone
Second place: Ricci Lucchi Alvaro – Italy – Imola
Third place: Federico Tornieri – Italy – Caldiero (Verona)
Menzione speciale: Gur-Art Youssef – Israele

First place: Czech Republic 1 Vaclav Noha, Jiri Ondracek, Josef Tulis, Lubos Jan
Second place: Germany 2 Alfred Bullerman, Eric Bullerman, Tom Cartens, Hans Lippert, Leon Lippert, Florian Upman
Third place: Austria 2 Werner Taschner, Franz Klement, Gerhard Ebner, Wolfgang Tilp

Photography contest

First place: Jacopo Nannoni – Italy
Second place: Antonio Candio – Italy
Third place: Paolo Moracci – Italy

Mention: Michele Squillantini – Italy
Mention: Yuri Materassi – Italy