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Programme of Courses Springtime 2015

Programme of Courses Springtime 2015



From 07/04  to 11/04

1) Drawing course

2) Basic support for the approach to forging

From 13/04 to 18/04

3) Tools making

4) Construction techniques of assembly and structures

From 20/04 to 24/04

5) Decorative component in structural insertion

6) Project for a commission



For these courses contact, as soon as possible, the teachers directly for specific information regarding the preparation of the various tools needed for the courses and any pieces made in one’s own workshop (Magni Roberto: ; Jadran Stenico:


From 04/05 to 10/5

Course on forging techniques applied to the making of non –ferrous metals

(stainless steel, brass, bronze, copper, alluminium, titanium)

From 11/05 to 17/05

Embossed work

Embossed work on pitch

From 18/05 to 22/05

Application of the gold leaf, Hot enamel

From 25/05 to 05/06



From 08/06 to 19/06

Mechanisms in lock-padlocks-trunks and coffers

From 22/06 to 26/06

Applied tecnica construction of Damascus steel

From 29/06 to 03/07

Contemporary working techniques with the use of the plastic works


For information on prices and accomodation please contact the committee via e-mail at (Monica Ciabatti)