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Presentation of Courses – School of Forging

A project aimed at training professionals in the field of smithing was created by the initiative of the Associazione Autonoma Biennale d’Arte Fabbrile (Autonomous Biennial Blacksmithing Art Association) and the town of Stia.  The contribution of the master Claudio Bottero, who oversaw the training program in its content and who structured the didactic course breaking it down into a series of modules, was fundamental.

The school therefore offers students a complete educational pathway, giving them the possibility of thorough preparation essential for a professional career.  The school also contributes to the circulation and preservation of this ancient art.

The educational pathway aims to provide the technical expertise to make the student aware of their knowledge, stimulate critical and creative ability, tackle contemporary style pathways in order to pursue a professional career in an autonomous way.

The comparison with the teacher and other students is useful not only to assess the progress but also to encourage the exchange of information.


Claudio BotteroJadram Stenico, Roberto Magni, Martino Stenico, Roberto Giordani.