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Drawing and Design contest

Drawing and Design contest

“Pier Luigi della Bordella”

Drawing and Design Competition


The XXII edition of the European Biennial of Art Factory continues that “journey” started in 2015 in the context of the “Design and Drawing Competition – Pier Luigi della Bordella” with the same goal: to act as a concrete incentive to develop within this event That fundamental biunivoco relationship that must exist between drawing, design and the artisan world and craftsmanship.

The competition become again the metaphorical boxing ring in which young artists/designers/architects who have appeared on the Italian and the international scene will be able to discuss how they plan and design objects which are meant to be used as urban furniture – those who will sign up for the competition will therefore be invited to submit projects which can be made by skilful artisans and which can be functional for the urban furniture of the Municipality of Pratovecchio Stia.

The theme of this year’s edition of the “Drawing and Design Competition” will be centred around the LAMP POST, meant for public streets lightening.

The participants will be asked to develop a design proposal which must be suitable both for the construction of the actual object during the competition and also for a potential final production.

The chosen projects will be used to start adorning the Municipality of Pratovecchio Stia with elements of street furniture made of wrought iron, that is to say with a series of lamp posts.




Paragraph 1

The “International Design and Drawing Competition” will take place at the premises of the new site of the European Biennal of the Blacksmith at the Palagio Fiorentino Park on 1.2.3 September 2017, according to the schedule to be announced at the time of enrollment.


Paragraph 2

Enrollments will be accepted by 7pm on Thursday August 31st.


Paragraph 3

Competitors will have three hours time to complete their task.


Paragraph 4

All participants will receive the material required for the competition. The use of one’s own stationary shall be permitted with the exception of paper sheets – participants will only use signed and stamped paper sheets which will be provided by the staff. All the participants will be provided with A2 and A1 sheets to use at their discretion.


Paragraph 5

The test shall include a definite project plan for the iron object, which must obligatorily comprise:


-          Layout;

-          Perspective drawings (at least two);

-          Section;

-          Axonometric view.


Paragraph 6

The proposed lamp post must have the following features:


-          It must be possible for the lamp post to be installed on support material and/or on the wall;

-          It must have a top cover;

-          To ensure safety, sharp or pointed edges will not be allowed.


Paragraph 7

Intellectual property rights over the participants’ creative proposals belong to participants themselves. The material produced shall remain the property of the Autonomous Association of the European Biennial Show of Blacksmith and Metal Arts, which can select the submitted proposals, rework them, complete them, improve them in order to obtain any permission necessary for the authorisation of the regulatory agencies. The Autonomous Association of the European Biennial Show of Blacksmith and Metal Arts reserves itself the possibility and the right to organise a public exhibition and to put on display the creative works that will have been submitted to the competition. The Autonomous Association of the European Biennial Show of Blacksmith and Metal Arts will be free to use the material produced, reserving the right:


-          To exhibit and present the projects;

-          Not to create any of the participants’ works;

-          To create any of the participants’ works submitted to the competition, in all of their parts and/or partially and/or modifying their features –  the works’ authors will not be allowed to have claims regarding these operations in one capacity or another;

-          To create any of the participants’ works without any classification-related limitations, with the possibility of opting for various planning solutions, even for solutions which are not complying with the requirements of the above-mentioned classification.



Paragraph 8

Anyone who is older than 16 years of age may participate in the competition. Enrolment is free.


Paragraph 9

When the test is conducted, at least one member of the Organising Committee or a person delegated by the Organising Committee must be there to supervise.


Paragraph 10

The projects will be evaluated by an apposite jury composed of five or seven international experts. Together with the jury there will also be three people who will not have the right to vote, they are a representative of Organising Committee, a representative of Municipality of Pratovecchio Stia and a notary.

All the projects submitted to the competition will be subject to an initial assessment on the basis of the extent to which they are consistent with the objective of the competition and with all the specific formality requirements. The decision of the jury is binding, therefore unquestionable. The jury’s works are secret. The secretary will write a short oral report of the works, which will be kept by the organising body, while the final report regarding the participants’ classification will be made public.


Paragraph 11

The jury will reward three projects – the projects will be rewarded if their characteristics are considered to be strictly functional and coherent with those required by the competition regulations.


Paragraph 12

The names of the winners will be announced during the Award Ceremony which will be held on Sunday September 3rd 2017 at 5:30 pm.