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Championship presentation

Championship presentation

The world championship of the Blacksmiths.

12 forges lit from morning until night, 12 anvils on which the hammers shape the searing iron guided by the expert hands of master blacksmiths from all over the world with their ideas, cultures and traditions.

4 days in which the imagination, experience, effort and fire create a unique atmosphere, wherein addition to the beautiful objects created by the iron, one can experience a true spectacle.

A world championship during which cultural exchange and knowledge of new artistic expressions enrich both the audience and the participants.

And an international jury comprising of experts in this field together with art experts will have the difficult task of choosing the world champion.

The theme that the Masters blacksmiths will inspire in this 2019, the measures of iron available, and the names of the members of the international Jury will be published on June 15, 2019.