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Biennial regulation

Biennial regulation



The Organising Committee and the Town Hall of Stia organise from 31 August-3 September 2017 the XXII European Biennial Wrought Iron Exhibition – commercial exhibition of the art of forged iron.


ART. 2

The exhibition is divided into three areas:

1. Tradition.  Realisation of objects and works in wrought iron through forging, without the help of different techniques and not necessarily based on a graphic project.

2. Innovation.  Realisation of objects and works in wrought iron, through forging and/or with the use of other blacksmithing techniques based on a graphic project.


A special section will be reserved for “Young” exhibitors (15-30 years old) who will be given appropriate stands and eventually a special prize at the jury’s discretion.  The Organising Committee establishes special prizes to be assigned according to their unquestionable judgement.


ART. 3

Participation (stand) is reserved for those exhibitors selected by the Organising Committee.

Applications must be sent to: Segreteria della Biennale, c/o Comune di Stia – 52017, Stia,  AR, Italy, no later than 30th June 2017 by post, fax or email.

The Committee reserves the right to accept late entries according to the availability of the stands.

The applicants selected by the Committee must deposit Euro 200,00 per stand, via a non-refundable bank transfer to BCC di Anghiari e Stia and send the transfer receipt to the Biennial Secretary no later than 30th June 2017 via post, fax or email.


ART. 4

The XXI EUROPEAN BIENNIAL WROUGHT IRON EXHIBITION publishes an exhibitor catalogue.

Therefore, each exhibitor must send at least 4 digital photographs in jpeg (resolution of 300 dpi) or printed photographs (15x18cm) or attaching them to the completed application form on our website:


of the works which will be exhibited with a relevant title no later than 30th June 2017.  The Organising Committee has the right to exclude from the publication any photographs thought to be not suitable, as well as the right to change the text of the title where necessary.  A photograph of the blacksmith’s shop would be appreciated, but is at the discretion of the exhibitor.


ART. 5

The stands that are available have the following size:

3 x 3 sqm

3 x 4 sqm

Exhibitors may ask for a maximum of 2 adjoining stands.  The Organizing Committee reserves the right to grant the second stand according to the availability.


ART. 6

The pieces of work proposed by each exhibitor must not have been displayed at previous editions of the European Biennial Wrought Iron exhibition in Stia.



Stands must be set-up in an adequate manner and may not be closed on three sides with curtains, drapes or panel that completely cover the structure.  They must be ready by the evening preceding the inauguration of the Biennial.

Failing this the Organising Committee can dispose of the space in a different way.



Exhibitors must take care of all transport costs, the arrangement of their own works on their stand and the withdrawal of the operas at the end of the exhibition.


ART. 9

Exhibitors will relieve the Committee from any burden or responsibility.



The exhibition will remain open every day from 9am to 11pm.  During this time each exhibitor will be responsible for his/her own stand.



The European Biennial Wrought Iron exhibition will be inaugurated the morning of 31st August 2017 at 10:30am and will close the evening of 3th September at 11pm.  All exhibitors must respect this schedule, without exception.  Stands must stay completely furnished during the entire period.



The EUROPEAN “STIA’S COMMERCE” PRIZE worth Euro 500,00 per section will be assigned by a jury to the most deserving stands, who will notify the names of the winners at 4:30pm on 3th September 2017, closing date of the Biennial.  Prizes may be shared between 2 or more deserving blacksmiths, according to the jury’s proposal.



The 9th INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AND DRAWING CONTEST of wrought iron work has been set-up, valid for both exhibiting and non-exhibiting blacksmiths with it’s own regulation.



The 8th WORLD FORGING CHAMPIONSHIP has been set-up with its own regulation.