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22nd edition European Biennial of the Blacksmith

22nd edition European Biennial of the Blacksmith

Master blacksmiths, from all over the world, with their ideas,

cultures and traditions.

Throughout the history of mankind, from the Iron age through the Middle ages up to the beginning of the 20th Century the work of the blacksmith has always been given a practical value and craftsmanship to build, produce and sometimes invent everyday items such as weapons, agricultural tools, instruments which have helped Man’s work.

Subsequently the work of the blacksmith diversified and evolved into a form of art, but unlike other figurative arts, such as paintings or sculptures, the art of the blacksmith has maintained its roots in the useful aspect which now elevates towards the pursuit of beauty and forging techniques.

Today the reality of wrought iron moves in multiple directions, modern and classical, restoration and creativity, art and craft and it is unthinkable to limit its boundaries, those boundaries with which inspiration, ability and technique which the master blacksmiths demolish with every strike of the hammer.

With the aim of giving the appropriate exposure to this ancient yet modern art the European Biennial of the Blacksmith in Stia, from August 31  to September 3, 2017, renews the appointment for blacksmiths from all over the world, and for those who are passionate about blacksmithing, art and décor.

Having reached the finishing line of the 22nd edition the Organizing Committee and Pratovecchio Stia’s municipal administrators, together with the entire population, await and prepare for the start of the exhibition when visitors will be welcomed by the spectacular Casentino landscapes and by the typical, genuine and succulent Tuscan cuisine.