World Forging Championship Regulations

The Championship is open to all exhibiting and non-exhibiting artisans / artists. The participation fee is set at € 20.00 per person for the "Single Individual" Category and it’s set at € 15.00 per person for the "Teams" Category – the fees must be paid at the time of registration at the organisational office in Piazza Mazzini.

The event will take place in Piazza Mazzini, starting on Thursday 29th August 2019 at 6.00 pm and ending on Saturday 31st August 2019 at 12.00 am.

These hours can be modified at the discretion of the Organising Committee.

The World Championship includes the following categories:

  • Single Individual
  • Teams

Each team must be composed of a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 6 components, so as to better manage the existing equipment.

The time allowed for the realisation of the works is 3 hours, after which each competitor must leave his / her position for the next competitor.

Each participant and each team can choose their iron among the various types and measures made available by the Organising Committee.

Each single participant will have a coal forge, an anvil and all the necessary tools. The help of 1 assistant procured by the competitor is allowed.

Each team will have two coal forges, two anvils and all the necessary tools. The use of personal equipment is allowed, with the exception of welding machines and other types of machinery.

The use of an angle grinder with an abrasive disc or a metal brush is allowed only for the cleaning / polishing of the piece.

Each competitor can participate in the event only if equipped with his / her own personal protective equipment (PPE), if aware of its correct use, exonerating the Autonomous Association for the Biennial Show of Blacksmithing Art, organiser of the event, from any liability arising.

The theme of the Championship will be announced before the start of the event via publication on the website of the Biennial Association ( 

The competition will be carried out in the presence of at least one member of the Organising Committee or a delegated person.

The finished works will be stamped and will be evaluated by a special Jury.

The works realised during the World Championship will remain the exclusive property of the Autonomous Association for the Biennial Show of Blacksmithing Art and the Association will have the right to sell them in order to finance the event.

The Jury will also evaluate the correct usage of the coal forge (the use of water to avoid overheating, the reduction of the required ventilating capacity when the iron is not being heated up, the cleaning of residues) which is a fundamental part of the blacksmith’s work. Another fundamental part of the blacksmith's work is the design for the work he will perform – for this reason the Jury will also take into consideration the presentation of the design for the work (showing author, year and title), which can be previously drawn and exhibited during the 3 hours of forging and then delivered together with the work. 

The Jury will be composed of international experts, from five to seven members. A representative of the Organising Committee, a representative of the Municipality of Pratovecchio Stia and a Notary will also be present, without the right to vote. 

The winners will receive a medal and a work of artistic craftsmanship as a prize and will be the proud holders of the unique and official title of CHAMPION OF THE WORLD FORGING COMPETITION 2019, both for the “Single Individual” Category and the “Teams” Category, until the next edition of the World Forging Championship which will be held in Stia in 2021. The second and third place winners of each category will also be awarded with medals and artistic works. 

The names of the winners will be officially announced during the Award Ceremony which will be held at 5.30 pm on Sunday 1st September 2019.

For those who, for important and justified reasons, cannot be present at the Award Ceremony, it is obligatory to communicate it promptly, before the awarding itself, to the Info Point where registrations are made.

In the event that a winner does not show up to collect the prize and has not given proper notice as described above, the prize will be awarded to the next highest competitor in the ranking list.

The Jury and the Organising Committee reserve the right to make any changes to these regulations, promptly informing the participants. 

The Jury's judgment is always and in any case unappealable.

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