The 23rd Edition of Biennale Europea di Arte Fabbrile continues the “path” started in 2015 in the context of the Design and Drawing Contest Pier Luigi della Bordella with the same objective: to be a tangible incentive to develop in this event the fundamental two-way relationship existing between design and craftsmanship/“hand made” world.

This contest becomes the ring where young artists/designers/architects - new in the Italian and international panorama - can confront each other in the design of objects destined to urban furniture: the subscribers are hence invited to present projects that can be implemented by skilled craftsmen and functional to the Pratovecchio-Stia urban furniture. 

The theme of the 2019 Contest of Design and Drawing is the BICYCLE RACK for the urban furniture to be used along the new cycle path. 

It is requested to the participants that they develop a project line from which it is possible to implement and produce.

The projects are intended to provide the town with wrought-iron urban furniture elements: a series of bicycle racks.

The International Contest of Design and Drawing will take place in the new headquarters of Biennale d’Arte Fabbrile at the park Palagio Fiorentino on 30th and 31st August 2019 (the time will be notified at the moment of registration).

The registration to the contest must be done at the organizing secretary in Mazzini Square by 7 pm of Thursday 29th August 2019.

The duration of the event is 3 hours.

All the necessary material will be delivered to the participants. The use of personal stationery is permitted except for papers stamped and signed by the people in charge of the contest: the papers can be A2 or A1, at the discretion of each participant.

The contest must include an executive project properly quoted and necessarily formed of (with penalty of exclusion from the contest):


-perspective drawings (at least 2)


-isometric plane

The projected Bicycle Rack must have the following characteristics:

  • installation of the product on a support or on the ground;
  • the element must be able to contain at least two bicycles at the same time;
  • safety standards must be respected at the moment of design, hence, no cutting or sharp parts are allowed 

The participants have the right of intellectual property of the presented proposals. The Autonomous Association for Biennale Europea d’Arte Fabbrile has the property of the works, and reserves the right to rework the proposals, adopt them, integrate them and develop them for the potential authorizations by the institutions responsible. The Autonomous Association for Biennale Europea d’Arte Fabbrile also reserves the right and the possibility to organize a public exhibition of the materials presented at the contest. The Autonomous Association for Biennale Europea d’Arte Fabbrile has full responsibility of the projects, reserving the right to:

  • exhibit and present the projects,
  • decide to not realize the work
  • realize the work completely, partially or differently from one or more projects presented, and the authors cannot claim it for different reasons.
  • realize the work with no obligation deriving from the outcome of the ranking, reserving the possibility to chose different planning solutions, even non-compliant with the cited result.

The minimum age for admission to the contest is 16. Registration is free.

The project will be carried out in the presence of at least one member of the organizing Committee or a delegate. 

A dedicated jury formed of 5 to 7 national and international experts will evaluate the works. Also a representative of the organizing Committee, a representative of the Municipality of Pratovecchio-Stia and a notary will be present without the right to vote.

All the projects presented will undergo a first selection of coherence with the subject of the contest and adherence to the requested formalities. The decision of the Jury is binding; therefore, it is irrevocable.

The activities of the Jury are secret. There will be a brief minutes about the activity drown up by the secretary, guarded by the promoting institution, whereas the conclusive report containing the final ranking will be published.

The three projects whose characteristics the Jury will consider more strictly functional and consistent with the contest will be rewarded.  

The prize for the first three top ranked consists in the consignment of a medal and of a work of artistic handicrafts. 

The names of the winners will be announced during the Award Ceremony that will take place on Sunday 1st September at 5:30 pm in Piazza B. Tanucci in Stia.

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