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Basic Courses – School of Forging

The Association for the European Biennial Show of Blacksmithing Art and the Municipality of Pratovecchio Stia, driven by the need to promote the profession of the blacksmith, have set up an educational path which is crucial for the achievement of a serious professional preparation that needs to be set against every expression of amateurism and slapdash attitude which is paraded as artistic aptitude.

Nowadays a comprehensive and targeted preparation is necessary, thanks to which one can learn certain techniques that require a high level of professionalism and that are bound to that innovation and evolution typical of modern art.

Working in this direction, the didactic path of the School of Forging has been divided in a series of courses at various levels of specialisation, whose programmes have been meticulously studied by a teaching staff composed by some of the best Italian blacksmiths and ironmasters, such as Claudio Bottero, Roberto Magni, Jadran and Martino Stenico.

The school offers a basic training path and also master classes for students who already have a complete educational basis. The master classes which examine the various subjects in depth and which add supplementary information to the basic training courses can be attended also by blacksmiths who have not participated in the basic courses of the School of Forging, but who nonetheless have the experience and the skills necessary to attend this level of training.




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