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Posted on 18 Jul 2014 in Blacksmith Art's, What's up

Sustainable Piano

Sustainable Piano

Casentino is ready to welcome “PianoForte Sostenibile”, Sustainable Piano. Since February more than 150 volunteers are working hard to organize and prepare the villages of Pratovecchio and Stia for 4 days of non-stop music, great artists, young talents, experts and enthusiasts, and many tourists in an offering that blends art with the territory.

With the organization of the association PratoVeteri and the artistic direction of Robert Carlone of the Banda Osiris, from 17th July 17 till 20th Casentino will be filled with the notes of 91 concerts, 88 hours of music, 7 pianos, four stages, concerts in the vegetable patches and in the gardens, master classes, lessons in the open air,and the tastes and smells of the area.

Many top names in these four days: Stefano Bollani, Gloria Campaner, Danilo Rea, Cesare Picco, Francesco Tristano, Antonello Salis, Francesco Grillo, Rocco De Rosa, Paolo Jannacci, Banda Osiris.

PianoForte is an exhibition that arises from its land: apart from the 150 volunteers and the organization by an association made ​​up of local people, in recent months a lottery was held amongst the Aretino people and local businesses have symbolically “adopted” a key on the piano to raise funds and to ensure that the event can become concrete. By adding the crowdfunding campaign on Musicraiser to “adopt” one of the thirty talents of the piano and make them play in the event, 50% of the PianoForte funds is all self-financing. The young pianists will also be hosted by local families.

There are many initiatives within PianoForte that promote the whole of the Casentino territory. For the first time Stia will be involved: Tanucci square will host the opening night (Thursday 17th at 10p.m.) with a performance by Paolo Jannacci, Antonello Salis, Rocco De Rosa, Banda Osiris. The next night (at midnight between Friday and Saturday), the Palagio Fiorentino will become a great disco with the sound of the piano thanks to the talent of Francesco Tristano and Alessio Bertallot.

Instead the other concerts, meetings and lectures will be in various settings of Pratovecchio, with a special event on Sunday, 20th July: at 5:51a.m. the concert by Cesare Picco at the Pieve di Romena will accompany the rising of the sun. It will be followed by a walk between the trees in search of healing herbs along with an expert of Aboca.

We will then make a union with the “Tastes of Casentino”: the best producers in the valley supported by a small number of selected producers in the surrounding areas within the boundaries of the National Park will make their world and their products known at Pratovecchio.

During the days of the event, the districts of Pratovecchio will welcome guests with the “Piano-Flowers”, pianos filled with floral decorations with the colors of the areas of the town.

At Vigiani palace there will also be an exhibition of works created during the Biennale Wrought Iron of Stia, while in the spaces of Piazza Mazzini (Stia) students of the School of Wrought Iron, under the expert guidance of teachers, will demonstrate their skills in front of the public, by producing a wrought iron bench as an example of urban furniture.

Local bars and restaurants will offer special menus and discounts for guests of the event by broadcasting a non-stop unpublished soundtrack produced by Banda Osiris exclusively for the occasion and only for local participants.

Aretino is also the bookstore “The imaginary traveller” who takes care of some reading dates during the festival with Andrea Biagiotti accompanied by the pianist (also from Arezzo) Matthew Trimigno called “The imaginary pianist.”

For Sunday, 20th July a special “Train of flavors” will depart from Arezzo with live music that begins during the journey in the direction of Pratovecchio in view of the evening concert by Stefano Bollani and Gloria Campaner.

“PianoForte” is also sustainable because it respects the host territory with a specific focus on the energy consumption related to the production of concerts and the use of recycled wood and the absence of plastic, and toxic materials in urban furniture created with the assistants of “Officina Tanucci” (workshop Tanucci) of Stia and the “Collettivo Fotografico Gruppo 12″ (Collective Photographic Group) of Bibbiena.

It is not a coincidence that the symbol of the second edition of the event is a tree that has its roots in the legs of a piano and that will be present on all stages.

A great love for Casentino, then, by all the organization of PianoForte, but also ambitious goals for this territory: “We aim to make Pratovecchio the capital of the piano by creating a school highly specialized to pianists in Europe – explains the artistic director Roberto Carlone. “Yamaha, also the main sponsor of the event, focuses on Casentino: the intentions for the future of the major manufacturer of musical instruments, there is the organization of summer seminars right in Pratovecchio Stia.

All the events have free admission, except the evening concerts.


18th July:   5 Euro   10 Euro

19th July: 10 Euro

20th July: 15 Euro first sector, 10 euro second sector

Can be purchased on the evening of the concert

Source: Press Office