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Posted on 6 Nov 2014 in Blacksmith Art's, What's up

A peace  of iron

A peace of iron

“Blacksmiths are for the Peace all over the World”

Viktor Burduk

Stia, home of the European Biennial of Wrought Iron, is a member of the “Ring” of the cities of iron work of which there are currently 17 cities from 9 countries.

Every year the general meeting is held in a different country and this year’s was held in Ovre Eiker in Norway, where the components of the “Ring” worked together to build the European future of the iron.  Unfortunately, Donetsk, in the Ukraine, which had hosted the meeting of the Ring two years ago, was unable to attend as it is the scene of fighting between Russia and the Ukraine.

Despite the enforced absence of the Ukrainian friends their spirit was present with a moving video greeting which Viktor Burduk wanted to send to the Ring.


To bear witness to the hope of a peaceful future Viktor invited the blacksmiths of the Ring to forge a dove each, each one in their own workshop, on the 20th of September.  Once completed the works will be sent to Donetsk to be combined into a single monument for peace.


With the hope of a thought for peace:

Arek Gawecki (Norway)

Michael Ertlmeier (Germany)

Thomas Höchstädt (Austria)

Sergiy Polubotko (Ukraine)

Roberto Magni (Italy)