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Posted on 7 Apr 2013 in Blacksmith Art's, Video-Photo

From Words to Blacksmiths = Dalle Parole ai Fabbri

“Dalle Parole ai Fabbri”, “From Words to Blacksmiths “is the first step in a larger project, the” Project Bibbiena. ”

The project was created after the meeting of five Italian blacksmiths of art (Claudio Bottero, Roberto Giordani, Roberto Magni, Jadran and Martino Stenico) and members of the Autonomous Association  Pro Historic Center of Bibbiena, with the aim of raising awareness and appreciation of this ancient craft and to demonstrate that an art which is often mistakenly considered “raw”, hard and cold, can very well adapt to modern and contemporary realities, giving a touch of artistic elegance to the final product.

The idea started with the creation of the School of the Art of the Blacksmith based in the municipality of Stia which was started by Maestro Claudio Bottero, an international recognized acclaimed artist, together with the knowledge of a project in the town of Pienza, declared a UNESCO world heritage. In the town, in fact, the local Pro Loco, together with well-known masters of wrought iron, have promoted the project to allow them to produce a bin, a “poor” but certainly valuable object, in extemporaneous in the town square. It has thus created a strong synergy between the smiths, with their skill, and the different retailers of the place with their hospitality.

The Project Bibbiena aims to go beyond: one does not want to limit the conception and realization of a single object, but of all the urban design. This has a dual purpose: on the one hand it raises awareness and publicises the elegance and the art of wrought iron in a modern city center, on the other it is an example for other town entities to promote and to implement similar projects, certain that the decoration of our cities with pieces of unique art helps us to live better.


  1. To see the energy, passion and enthusiasm makes me smile. Thank you.

    “A man only learns in two ways, one by reading, and the other by association with smarter people”

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    This is the same energy, passion and enthusiasm with which we organize every two years to allow blacksmiths to meet and find each other and exchange experience.

    We hope that you will be in Stia in September