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Drawing and Design contest

Drawing and Design contest

Drawing and Design International Contest  

“Pier Luigi Della Bordella”

The XXII edition of the European Biennial Show of Blacksmith and Metal Arts embarks on a new path with the evolution of the “Pier Luigi della Bordella – Drawing and Design Competition” which this year will be pursuing a very clear and specific objective, that is to say becoming a tangible and positive incentive which aims at developing, thanks to this event, a fundamental two-way relationship between drawing, design, and the artisan world and craftsmanship.

The competition will become the metaphorical boxing ring in which young artists/designers/architects who have appeared on the Italian and the international scene will be able to discuss how they plan and design objects which are meant to be used as urban furniture – those who will sign up for the competition will therefore be invited to submit projects which can be made by skilful artisans and which can be functional for the urban furniture of the Municipality of Pratovecchio Stia.

The theme and the regulation of the “Design and Drawing Competition” of the 2017 edition will be published by 

August 6 , 2017

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